Monday, June 28, 2010

Kapa `Ele`ele Ko`a, Keaniani Kilo and Pu`u Piei Attempt

The title makes it sound like we did a ton of hiking but we only hiked 1 trail in Kahana.

On Saturday June 26th we decided to do a quick hike to the Kapa `Ele`ele fish shrine and the Keaniani Kilo lookout. The trail is really easy to get to. We went back to Kahana State Park which we visited in our first hike of the Nakoa trail: The trailhead is off to the side of the orientation center next to the bathrooms. It's hard to miss the signs.

We got a little disoriented because of our decision to hike up the Pu`u Piei trail which takes you to the peak behind the Kapa `Ele`ele trail. At one point we hiked up the stream because we missed the wide open trail on the side which would have easily taken us up the Pu`u Piei trail. We also should have looked at the map closer because the fish shrine and lookout are past the point where the Pu`u Piei trail connected so we did a little backtracking to make sure we didn't miss anything which added time to our hike.

We didn't make it up to the peak. We had a prior engagement to get to and we didn't give ourselves enough time. Plus we gotta get into shape. The peak is now one of our goals and will be a future post.

On a side note: When we hiked through the stream bed the foliage above was really dense and messed with my gps device. I also had too much gear because I was trying to make some QTVRs like these:

So, the map is pretty accurate except some of the photos are bunched into the same spot. I decided to put it up any way because it still gives a good idea of where the trails are and it's helping us plan our next ascent.

Check it out at:

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